Saturday, May 8, 2010

Election 2010

Exactly two days from now, our voting population will troop to the polling precincts to cast their precious votes in order to select new leaders, especially a President to lead this impoverish nation to new heights. After the restoration of democracy in 1986 by Cory Aquino, Ninoy Aquino's widow, our country suffered a lot
from tyrrany for about 15 years from Marcos' martial rule. Properties and businesses were confiscated and given to a favoured few. Press freedom was suppressed and human rights violated. And corruption was rampant in all places. That was the dark past of our country!

We thought then, that with the restoration of democracy we were assured of a peaceful and quality life for the vast majority of our people. But we were wrong, because there was so much to be done. Little did we know that that was the only first step towards a long hard journey.

1992 saw the emergence of a new President in Fidel Ramos. He continued the programs left by his predecessor but our countrymen remained poor and jobs were very scarce. The economy has fallen and its recovery was too slow.

Our poor country still didn't lose hope and looked high to a newly elected President that was Joseph Estrada or Erap, as they use to call him in the movies where he starred in over a hundred films. But his regime was also characterised by corruption and utter disregard for human rights. After almost two years of serving the presidency, he was impeached by Congress for illegal use of public funds and was eventually ousted by a civilian-backed military. Later on, he was found guilty for plunder by the courts and was sentenced to life imprisonment but was quickly pardoned.

He didn't complete his term of six years and was immediately succeeded by his Vice President, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who served Erap's remaining 4 years. An economist by training, GMA tried to turn around the economy but she failed. She sought a second mandate but her election to the presidency was marred by wide-scale cheating. Her term of six years which will end on June 30, 2010 was seen by many as the most
corrupt regime in the country's history.

Now, as we come to the culmination of her term, we are racing against time. Because 2010 is the time to implement a true change and lift the spirits of our people to high heavens. The year 2010 may well be answer to our suffering people, because we will now elect a new leader who will turn this country as a nation of God, a selfless leader who will look after the poor, a leader who will lead by example, and a leader who will end corruption in all places. When all of these things have been accomplished, it will only be then that we can truly say that our people were redeemed from bondage. May the Lord's everlasting mercy be upon our country and people. Forevermore.

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