Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chicago In Manila

Ever since the announcement of the Chicago Concert came out, I and my 2 friends were eagerly anticipating the coming of the Big Day. At first Sonny wasn't sold to the idea because of his tight schedule at the office. But I have reiterated to him that perhaps this may well be the very last time we will get to see these guys, having missed them some 15 years ago in 1995. The more we should see the concert before the curtain finally close in on them. The more we should watch them with passion and intense emotion because, perhaps, they will never pass this way again!

I left the office at around 4.30pm for the 8.30pm concert to reach the venue early and get to meet my other friend, Jun, who reserved 3 tickets for us. We entered the Coliseum at 6 to look for some nice seats at the centre of the stage where we can see the band from end to end. Our curiosity turned to excitement when one by one the members lined up the stage. I immediately recognised only 5, 3 of whom were the remaining original members, viz: Jimmy Pankow, Lee Loughnane, and Robert Lamm. Walter Parazaider was nowhere in sight for reasons I do not know. The other two were bassist Jason Scheff and guitarist Keith Howland. The other 3 members were new to my sight.
The opening song was I think 'Make Me Smile' (this is one of my fave songs) which originally sung by the late Terry Kath. Most of their top hits for the past 4 decades were heard including 'Beginnings' by Robert Lamm (also my fave song). Of course, who will forget the song 'Colour My World', a beautifully crafted composition by Jimmy Pankow which became the decade 70's quintessential prom song. Now in their late 60's (the original members), you can still feel the energy emanating from somewhere, perhaps, their love for the music they have created some 4 decades ago and their passion to share that music to everyone from all walks of life.

Before the final 3 songs were rendered, the audience stood up in front of the stage and
danced to the tune of 'Saturday in the Park'. A very lively song which was pure energy. It was reminiscent of a victory we had, because we were part of that history, that was CHICAGO. Nobody can take that away from us.

We are surely going to miss these guys, because we practically grew up from their brand of music which partly became the soundtrack of our lives.

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